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Community Foundation for Mississippi, Atmos Energy and Jackson Public Schools Announce Gifts to Support Water Crisis Response

As the City of Jackson and its surrounding communities continue to recover from the recent water crisis, Atmos Energy has announced support for ongoing relief efforts by making a $25,000 contribution to the Community Foundation for Mississippi (CFM) for Jackson Public Schools (JPS) through the Foundation’s JPS Response Fund. Atmos Energy is also making a $25,000 contribution to the Helping Friends and Neighbors Fund (Disaster Response Fund) at CFM to support nonprofits.

CFM Partners with GHHI for Water Filtration Solution-Building

While the boil water notice and immediate water crisis have ended in Jackson, the question remains for many, “Is my water safe to drink?” For women – especially those of childbearing age and expectant mothers – and children, the threat of lead in water is of increased importance.During the Jackson water crisis, the Community Foundation for Mississippi immediately identified water filtration as a gap and barrier to health outcomes for citizens of Jackson. CFM is partnering with Green & Healthy Homes Initiative (GHHI) to distribute countertop Zero water filtration systems and teach households about methods of water boiling and filtering commonly recommended by the City of Jackson.

For Helping Others: CFM + Nonprofits

The Community Foundation for Mississippi celebrates the work of the state’s nonprofit sector by providing opportunities for its growth and sustainability. By enabling organizations to grow their vision, increase their financial resources and expand their long-term reach, CFM provides a valuable resource that can ultimately lead to increased nonprofit capacity both now and forever. Here are a few nonprofits who began turning the page by working alongside CFM to create funds that will lead to their success for many years to come. 

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While the boil water notice and immediate water crisis have ended in Jackson, the work has just begun. From experience, we know that the needs we’ve seen during the immediate crisis won’t magically evaporate as drinkability returns to the water system. The scope of this challenge is huge.

Want to help us continue our work for good to serve the needs of Jackson and surrounding area? Learn more about ways you can help support long-term solutions and information you can trust.

One way to support the ongoing work is through our Helping Friends and Neighbors Fund. Know your dollars will go to serve local people with local needs now—where and when the need is great.

Are you a nonprofit that was affected by the Jackson water crisis?The Community Foundation for Mississippi’s Nonprofit Rapid Response Mini-Grant is a reimbursement program for 501c3 nonprofits residing in the Jackson area who have been directly affected by the Jackson water crisis. The deadline to apply is Wednesday, October 12, 2022, at 11:59 p.m. Awards will be announced in early November. Learn more here.