Mission, Aspirations, Values, and Our DEIB Lens


We connect donors, communities, and non-profit organizations to make meaningful and lasting change for Mississippi—for good, forever.

Our Aspirations

The Community Foundation for Mississippi collaborates with individuals and nonprofits to achieve enduring change in our communities through inclusive philanthropic leadership. We align donor intent with community needs, strengthen nonprofits, amplify impact through strategic management of endowed funds, and award competitive grants.

Our Values

A group of people talkingWe listen: We listen to our communities, to our donors, to agents of change, and to each other with respect, knowing our most effective work is informed by diverse perspectives.

People around a globeWe nurture an engaged giving community: In trusted partnership, we support our communities to express their generosity, growing resources to improve lives for generations.

People around a gearWe promote structures that endorse equity: A commitment to diversity, equity, inclusivity, and belonging forms the foundation of our work.

Gears shiftingWe learn and evolve: We commit to learning from both mistakes and successes. To do this, we embrace innovation, take risks, and support solutions that seek to stop problems before they start, rather than continue to address needs that never seem to cease.

People discussing around a table.Community is our compass: We approach our work as a committed equitable partner, engaging with grantees and communities to co-create solutions that are anchored in community knowledge and expertise.

Our Lens: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging with graphicsDiversity: We recognize the value of each person, ensuring that varying voices and lived experiences are represented in our work.

Equity: We believe in equity as the fair and just treatment of all members of our communities. We work to identify and eliminate barriers to ensure access and the full participation of all groups.

Inclusion: We intentionally create environments where any individual or group is invited, welcomed, respected, and supported.

Belonging: We embrace that everyone is treated so that they feel like a full member of the larger community, and can thrive.