Agency Fund

Helping Nonprofits and Organizations Invest Mission-Critical Dollars

What is an agency fund?

Your nonprofit organization can build long-term assets and establish a home for reserves at the Community Foundation for Mississippi. A fund is set up by a charity to benefit the charity. Agencies with agency funds enjoy low-cost investment options and third-party oversight of their assets. Plus, agencies can access our expertise by connecting with our philanthropic advisors.

How an Agency Fund Works:Graphic of agency fund process. Agency contributes to the agency fund. Grants then fund back to the agency.

  1. Easily set up an agency fund with the Community Foundation for Mississippi.
  2. Choose how to invest the fund’s assets.
  3. CFM receives contributions from the agency to the fund and the Foundation processes grants from the fund back to the agency.
  4. Designated individuals who oversee the agency’s finances can view the fund balance, contributions and grants 24/7 through an online donor portal.

Interested in setting up an agency fund? CFM has representatives to guide you through the process. Contact CFM at or call 601-974-6044.

Examples of Agency Funds at CFM

Mississippi Symphony OrchestraAs the largest professional performing arts organization in the state, the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra (MSO) performs for more than 75,000 Mississippians each year at more than 120 concerts statewide. It also provides an education program through which more than 800 school children receive daily instruction in violin, viola, and cello. MSO holds an agency fund at CFM.

Two female nurses attend to a woman in a clinic room.The Jackson Free Clinic provides a vital service to the medically underserved. The Clinic is staffed by volunteers – all medical students and healthcare students at University Medical Center.