For Strategic Impact: Donor Advised and Scholarship Funds

The Community Foundation for Mississippi works with donors to simplify and streamline their charitable giving through personal giving accounts such as donor advised and scholarship/award funds. By allowing donors to centralize their gifts and recommend grants at any time, we make giving easy, allowing donors to focus on the impact they are making with the causes they care about. 

These types of funds also allow the holders to leave a legacy by continuing charitable giving beyond one’s lifetime. Other fund holders may choose to honor the memory of a loved one by focusing on philanthropic grantmaking that reflects their values. 

Here are just a few stories of those working through CFM to connect legacy to generosity. 

Field of hay bales.

Jones Charitable Family Fund

Even before contacting CFM, the Jones family made philanthropy a part of their daily lives. When a farm was sold, creating a donor advised fund was the perfect way to realize a capital gains tax benefit and continue to support nonprofits making their communities a better place through fund grantmaking. Fundholder Bryan Jones said it was a “win, win.” When making decisions about capital gains, donor-advised funds are a perfect way to earn a tax benefit and impact the community.

Image of Blake Coghlan with field behind him.

Blake Coghlan Ag Scholarship Fund

At 19 years old, Blake Coghlan had dreams of building the best farm in the Delta. A native of Holly Bluff, Mississippi, born to a fourth generation Mississippi farm family, he was a promising young farmer. Tragically, in an unfortunate accident, Blake lost his life. The Blake Coghlan Memorial Ag Scholarship was established at the Community Foundation for Mississippi to provide financial assistance to a graduating high school senior from Yazoo County or Sharkey County intending to study Agriculture or Agriculture-related degree at a Mississippi 4-year or 2-year institution.

A group stands together in the gym at Murrah High School during an awards ceremony. Two of the students hold up enlarged checks with their names on them for $5,000.

Leland R. Speed Scholarship for Top Cadets

Established by William VanDevender, a CFM donor with a donor advised fund, the scholarship and fund at the Community Foundation for Mississippi honors the late Leland R. Speed, a Jackson leader who served his state and country. The scholarship is awarded each year for the Jackson Public Schools JROTC Overall Top Cadet and the Murrah High School JROTC Top Cadet. The family was inspired by Speed’s passion for higher education and his appreciation for the JROTC program’s ability to produce the best and brightest candidates.