Memorials & Honorariums

Honorariums 2018-2019

Memorials & Honorariums
Community Foundation for Mississippi

Barbara Austin
Barbara Alexander

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Bailey
Dr. and Mrs. Leon Dale

Mr. and Mrs. David Bowling
Dr. and Mrs. Leon Dale

Mr. and Mrs. John Dale
Dr. and Mrs. Leon Dale

Former CFM Board Chairs
Pam and Jon Turner

Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Grenfell
Dr. and Mrs. Leon Dale

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Horner
Dr. and Mrs. Leon Dale

Jeffrey Karer
Sammy Moon

Rev. David McIntosh
Dr. and Mrs. Leon Dale

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Montgomery
Dr. and Mrs. Leon Dale

Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Noblin
Dr. and Mrs. Leon Dale

Revs. Luther and Janet Ott
Ryan and Sara Katherine Beckett

Mr. and Dave Perkins
Dr. and Mrs. Leon Dale

Mr. and Mrs. John Reeves
Dr. and Mrs. Leon Dale

Jon Turner
Janet Harris

Memorials 2018-2019

Emily Russell Clark
Ms. Ann S. Cochran
Mr. Mark B. Wilson and Mrs. Ashley E. Wilson

Campbell Dale
K. A. Greene
Phyllis Dill
Mr. and Mrs. Stanford Dill
Nojanka Simmons
Marissa Teetson
Denise McPherson
Melanie Garrison
Melanie Watson
Wes Rea
Missy Heidelberg
Amy-Allison Russ
Liz Dill
Melissa Meacham
Jennifer Alexander

Clifton Fowler
Dr. and Mrs. Leon Dale

Mary Gainey
Dr. and Mrs. Leon Dale

Ms. Faye Graham
Dr. and Mrs. Leon Dale

Ms. Myer Hays
Dr. James C. Hays

Rosie Pridgen Johnson
Hosea and Katie McMurtrey
Zeta Phi Beta Sorority
Jana Burton
Lorenzo Gayden
Janice Mitchell
Michelle Thomas
Cornelius Thompson

Janet Leech
Stephen Stewart
Robert Abney III
Magnolia State Bank
Oscar Hartman, CPA
Robert Abney III
Cole Facial Plastic Surgery
Dr. and Mrs. Shelby Smith
Cheryl and Bennett Boyd
Patrick Farms Ladies Golf Assn.
Betty Lou Sutherland
Mr. and Mrs. D. K. Stone
Karen Davenport
Milton and Carol Smith
Robert Burke
Guy and Beverly Shumate
John Jackson
Stewart’s Screen Printing
Lake Caroline Ladies Golf Assn.
Chapman Meeting Professionals LLC
Craig Ray
Steel Magnolias Golf Assn.
Vaughn and Marilynne Stinson
Robert and Barbara Tourtillotte
Thomas and Maryann Ford
Fred and Jonene Sartin
Catesby Jones
Young Law Group PLLC
Ben Nelson Golf and Utility Vehicles
MS Organ Recovery Agency
Healthy Lawn Solutions LLC
Culley and Tracie Tolbert
Glen McCullough, Jr.
J. and K. Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Brunini, Jr.
Margaret White
Thomas Bicker
Lee Burke
Betty Lou Sutherland
Deborah Bailey
Marguerite Coleman
Jeff and Nancy Hicks
James and Virgie Blakney
Weddington Collection Tax
Doug Bullock
Dennis Zimmerman
Lee Burke
Jeff and Nancy Hicks
Ruby Tollison
U.S. Next
Lakeview Productions

Hugh Montgomery
Dr. and Mrs. Leon Dale

Pam Swanson
Ms. Karen L. Andrews
Lawrence Printing Company
Cynthia Warner
Delta Constructors, Inc.
Robert and Elizabeth Frey
Vacuum Truck Rentals, LLC
GulfAtlantic Floor Systems
Gulf Relay, LLC
CDE Integrated Systems
Warrior Tractor
Mike and Carol Costello
MMC Materials
Kevin and Lisa Halley
Karen and Jimmy Chandler
William and Patricia Dearth
Pamela McCoy
Richard and Carlyle Wolfe
Anne W. Cole
Jeff and Charlotte Estes
Dunn Roadbuilders LLC
Houston Freightliner-Western Star
Martin Equipment
American Field Service Corp
Los Angeles Truck Centers, LLC
Charles and Cassandra Bowen Charitable Foundation
C.L. Boyd Company
Hinds Community College Foundation
Crossroads of the South, Inc.
Mike and Julia Kerr
Triad Freightliner of Greensboro, Inc.
D. C. Berry
Brooks Tractor
William B. Chism
McDonald Trucking, Inc.
Malvern National Bank
Merrill Lynch
MS Blood Services, Inc.
Clyde Muse
Tom Rice
Joel and Melinda Thomas
Bryan Jones
Connie Lawrence
Billy and Barbara Hull
Gordon Truck Centers
David and Debbie Hardin
James and Ivery Wood
William Watkins
Fresno Truck Centers
Mr. and Mrs. John Lyle
Martha Rogers
Fyda, Inc.
Butler Snow
Glenn and Kathy Kerr
Carol and Oliver Strickland
Joe Schmelzer
Truck Centers, Inc.
John and Michele Hopkins
Murphy Tractor
Sidney and Trudy McLaurin
John and Karan Stomps
Joseph and Margaret Cobb.
Elizabeth Griffo
P.T. and Connie Kossen
Michael and Lisa Tew
Brad and Monnie Armstrong
James and Hallye Stringer
Edmund and Pam Mahony
Billy and Kristi Horne
Thomas and Doe Steely
Excel Truck Group
Doug Jones and Son Construction Co.
John and Sue Wilson
WEW Foundation
Jon David and Jean Smith
Jeffrey H. Peterson
William and Roslinda Wells
Keven and Anne Haddox
Roger and Marjorie Beuc
Howard and Cheryl Katz
Robert and Rebecca Bullard
MS Trucking Association
Nancy Sawyer
Joe Mac Hudspeth and Janet Harris
Tyler and Anna Armstrong
Kati Chambers
Rhonda and Bruce Corkern
Shelly Smith
Waratah Forestry
Allison Sebastian
Beverly Bowman and Family
Kaiti, Jill and Karen at the Mayo Clinic
Darin and Laura Bridges
Jerry Kocan
Four Star Freightliner
Larry Kettler aind Procede Software

Peggy German
Nicole Wade

Bobby Powell Willis
Dr. and Mrs. Leon Dale

Mr. and Mrs. William Yandell, Jr.
Margaret Vise