Stories Leading Change

Inspiring Community Action through Storytelling  

A spark of imagination is a necessary ingredient for change to happen! Before change can happen, somebody has to imagine what that change looks like. With the support of Blue Magnolia Films, we have created a community-centered approach to narrative, to empower community leaders to tell their own stories and build on common values together.

Through capacity-building workshops, participants learn how to use documentary storytelling tools and techniques to author and present community-based solutions, through a first-person “lens.” This approach demonstrates how stories produced by people for their own communities empower change narratives and make visible the vision and commitment of innovative leaders who are modeling the way forward for Mississippi.

At the conclusion of each workshop, stories are disseminated and shared back using public dialogue, community initiatives, and events. As a series, we intend for this collection to revive the art of engaging in public life for all Mississippians. When we harness public knowledge, to engage in reimagining public life, anything is possible!

Please like and share stories leading change on social media with the hashtag #StoriesForGood #StoriesLeadingChange. To share your vision for Mississippi, our Capital City, or to nominate a leader for this series, please email:

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