For Advisors

Johnny Van Zant, lately of Lynyrd Skynrd, rather famously said, “When you’re dealing with a big amount of money, you should have your own accountant and your own lawyer.” We might add, “…and a great community foundation.” (Forgive us for shilling).

As a professional advisor, you help your clients identify the best way: to structure a business deal, to consider tax consequences, to invest their resources, and to achieve a meaningful, lasting impact in the communities they care about. We’re your huckleberries – let us help. Whether you’re an attorney, CPA, financial planner, broker, insurance agent or other professional advisors, we can help you help your clients – to make sure people with a desire to give can take advantage of our experience, expertise, resources and network, all across Mississippi. We now directly serve 22 counties. And if you’re client isn’t in one of those counties, we know the people who can help. Call us today to explore how we can help your clients make the most of their charitable dollars, the best way – for good, Forever.