Lurlene Irvin

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Lurlene Irvin

Lurlene Irvin is a serial entrepreneur. As a little girl in the Arkansas Delta, she learned the basics of owning a business from her soybean farming grandparents, and from her parents who were college administrators and teachers. Her first business was selling fresh vegetables from a plot of land on her grandparents’ farm. That spirit of planting seeds and creating something great lead her to pursue a degree in business from the University of Mississippi.

Since college, Dr. Irvin has held managerial positions with Trustmark Bank, Merrill Lynch, and Nissan North America. She has started several businesses and assisted many others through her work as Director of Business Development and Economic Research at Jackson State University. Dr. Irvin, an economist by education and training, currently works a business consultant focusing on helping entrepreneurs locate funding for their ventures.

Lurlene is a Certified Venture Capital coach and has completed training in Innovation-Led Economic Development (I-LED) with Innovate Mississippi.

When she’s not working, Dr. Irvin enjoys a long drive and listening to recorded books. Her favorite drive is Mississippi Highway 61 which takes her through her beloved Arkansas and Mississippi Delta.