For Nonprofits

If you’re a nonprofit, you need money. That’s as true as the sun rising in the East. But what you really need is a sustainable source of money. Far from being a luxury or pipe dream, endowments to support nonprofits have become an economic necessity. The Community Foundation believes nonprofits should operate well, and having a steward for endowment and reserve dollars is one of the best ways to plan for and protect your organization’s future.

Whether they’re started with a windfall gift or grown over time with a strong planned giving effort, nonprofit endowment funds should be managed with an eye toward sustainable growth, controlled risk and thoughtful, professional oversight. We’re those people –eager about returns, watchful about risk, eagle-eyed about management and very budget conscious (maybe even cheap, let’s be honest). If you dream of having investment management experts across several specialties, a crackerjack team of accountants and a safeguard between you (or your Board) and your “forever” money, we can help.