Together We Are Stronger

There are so many powerful stories of courage and community from 2020–far too many for us to tell in a single report. There are some stories that are such great examples of what the Community Foundation stands for, and what we strive to be, that we decided to offer a deeper and more complete experience by letting you hear about the transformative change led by visionary community change agents. From COVID-19 to the cosmos, we spoke with donors, partners, board members, and others throughout the community to let them tell their own stories of change.

We hope these stories inspire you to imagine something new for your community. To learn more about how the Community Foundation can help you bring the dreams you have for your community to life, contact us at

Jon Turner’s leadership and influence extend far beyond his tenure as chair of the Board of Trustees for the Community Foundation for Mississippi. Through Jon’s public service, which spans across several decades, it’s evident that creating a better Mississippi was always at the forefront of his mind.

Through the establishment of the Friends of the Planetarium Fund, The Community Foundation for Mississippi welcomed donors from the private sector to assist in funding the renovation of the Russell C. Davis Planetarium. Now, the sky is truly the limit for the planetarium’s future as it embarks on renovations to bring a stellar experience to visitors from across the state.

For more than a decade, the finish line for the Museum Trail project was hard to envision. The Community Foundation for Mississippi partnered with passionate community members and public partners to unlock funds to bring the project to life–and blaze new trails to wellness and connection for the City of Jackson.

The Mississippi Community Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund was established to attract philanthropic investments from outside of Mississippi to provide help to Mississippians. Although the COVID-19 pandemic wasn’t a disaster in the traditional sense, the Community Foundation’s grants committee recognized the need to support nonprofits delivering food and offering housing assistance to Mississippians to help them recover.

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