Mississippi Arts Commission

The arts community has suffered significantly from the COVID-19 pandemic with museums, art galleries, and entertainment venues forced to close. These closures severely affect the livelihood of artists and entertainers. That’s why the Mississippi Arts Commission (MAC) has stepped up to provide resources and support for its grantees, people who have recently applied for grants, and those interested in upcoming funding opportunities. 

MAC will also be working with the arts community to provide funding that Congress made available through the economic relief package. Learn about the CARES act funding opportunities here. These funds are critical to ensuring Mississippi’s arts community can thrive. When the arts thrive, communities thrive. For more information on the work they’re doing, visit their website, www.arts.ms.gov, or connect with them via social media at www.facebook.com/MississippiArtsCommission

Thank you to MAC for providing opportunities to artists and arts organizations to help ensure the arts will continue to flourish in our state. 

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