Peggy Huff Harris Fund

A Vision for Legacy
Peggy Huff Harris had a legacy to leave. She came to the Community Foundation to help write her last chapter.

Left an inheritance by her son, Peggy wanted to create a lasting memorial to him while helping the nonprofits she admired most. From filling pantries to fulfilling the promise of public broadcasting, her bequest to start an endowed fund keeps supporting the charities close to her heart and tells an ongoing story of her family. The Thomas G. Ramey and Peggy Huff Harris Fund supports seven charitable organizations every year, and will continue to, for good. Forever. It’s inspiring to see how ordinary people can create a transformational gift – not because it’s large, but because it’s planned. It’s thoughtful. It’s visionary. What’s the vision you have for your last chapter? Let us help you write it.

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