Stories for Good

We are helping inspire community action through storytelling because we know imagination is the key to change.

Imagination is the key to change. Imagination helps us envision the future, helps us determine what needs to change. That is why, with support from Blue Magnolia Films, we have re-imagined storytelling.

We hosted capacity-building workshops and taught community leaders a new method of storytelling that is empowering, moving, and community-focused. Using a documentary-style of storytelling, community leaders were able to produce narratives that resonated with their communities.

At the end of each workshop, their stories were shared using public dialogue, community initiatives, and events. We intend for this collection to inspire, engage, and reimagine community engagement and to show that we are better together.

Walter Anderson Museum

Museums are a critical part of creating thriving communities, and the COVID-19 pandemic has forced museums around the country to close their doors to the public. Despite the closings, the Walter Anderson Museum in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, continues its educational outreach. The institution provides an opportunity for teachers to connect with a museum educator by video conference to lead in-gallery instruction with students free of charge. The museum has also created a series of video learning opportunities to keep children and adults engaged in arts education. You can watch the videos on the museum’s Vimeo page.

The museum is living out its educational philosophy to “deliver intergenerational outreach and programming,” even though children and families cannot visit. 

Thank you to the museum team for your creativity and commitment to inspiring discovery, imagination, and community-building for people on the Gulf Coast and around the state.